Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The Screaming Kid

Have you ever been in Wal-Mart or some random store shopping when suddenly a kid starts screaming?

          That might be pretty normal for some, but for me it was a shock the first time I saw it. Even more shocking was when I saw the same kid striking his mother several times. “This scene would end really bad for that kid if it would take place in my country,” I thought.
Another day, I am at my workplace and another kid just started screaming and throwing a tantrum. The parents looked really uncomfortable but they didn’t say anything to the kid. I walked over to them and I looked the kid straight to the eye. With a straight face, I asked the kid "what’s going on?" The kid stopped misbehaving instantly and sits up still. The mother goes on to say, “this man does not like your attitude, so you better stop.”
Culture shock number four, kids wear the pants in some American houses.
One of the most surprising things for me is how some kids bully their parents here in America. They scream, roll on the ground or brake things if they don’t get their way. They strike their parents or insult them, and parents do nothing. Some parents are so tired of their kid’s attitude that they just give in and give them anything they ask for or get them high on Ritalin.
It is not hard to notice which kid gets disciplined at home and which one doesn’t. Even after they grow up you can tell if they were disciplined or not. They are defiant and disrespectful to authority, elders or just to another person. These are signs of zero or not enough discipline when growing up.
America, discipline your kids! I am not saying to abuse them. However, if physical punishment is required, do it in moderation, but get the job done. Somebody needs to be the parent and teach the child how to act. Teenagers are different than children because they can reason for themselves. Children needs correction and guidance while growing, sometimes talking works, but if it doesn't, then is when spanking is necessary. Use it correctly and you will not regret it.

 Many parents have raised their kids the way science had directed them to do and they have succeeded in raising disrespectful citizens. Some of the most disrespectful kids and teens I know are those who has never gotten a spanking. They are always defiant and pushing their limits. I can picture them rolling their eyes and pouting.
Some parents fail to discipline their kids because they themselves were abused when they were supposed to be disciplined. Because of this, many vow to not do the same thing that was done to them.  With this they go to the other extreme and eliminate discipline from the picture of raising their children. Some of those kids turn out to be spoiled brats.
Here is an example of that. This kid is wise enough to know that his mom was not going to return him the favor, and worse on national TV.
Other parents are so young they themselves need to be disciplined. Kids having kids is a reality today.
Others abused their kids by using physical punishment as the only resource. I believe everyone who believes in God should ask Him to guide them and He will show them the path. They are Christian books out there that can help in this area. One of them is 'Raising Godly tomatoes', a close Christian friend of mine used this book as a  tool to help raising his children and he recommended it to me.

           Denying parents the freedom to discipline their children is not the answer to stop child abuse. 
Chew on this and tell me what you come up with.

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