Friday, December 3, 2010

I don’t have time for You

I was walking out of the building and a friend was heading inside the building. He said “hello how are you Mr. Dean”, and he smiled. I smiled too, however I was having a terrible day. I was about to tell him what I was going through but he kept on walking.
Has it ever happened to you, that someone that you know asks, “How are you?” but you didn't get the chance to answer how you really are? Maybe they dont really want to know or they are too busy to even listen.  Maybe this is just a polite thing to do when you see someone.  Maybe you dont have any time to open your heart and spill the beans. Maybe that is just the way it is and I need to deal with it. Nevertheless, this is shocking to me. 
According to Douglas A. McIntyre from 24/7, America is the third most productive country in the world. He came to this conclusion by using the GDP as the tool of measurement. However, sometimes it seems like America is the busiest country in the world, even to the point where we are so consumed in our own business that we leave out the most important things. Things like friends, family, love, or God are exchanged for my dreams, my plans, my homework, my money, I, me, my, etc. What would you do if you were late to class or to work, and a friend told you he is having a terrible day? Would you say “sorry about that” and slowly try to get back to your daily life? Would you try to give him a hand shake or a half hug and ask him to tell you about it later? Would you look very interested but then walk away and forget about him in the next ten minutes? The question is not what would Jesus do but what would you do? What good is it to have everything but no one to share it with? Or as the Bible put it, “For what is a man profited, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?” However, we seldom sit down and chew on these things. I believe we must evaluate the way we do things.
Why are we so busy?  Why do we choose to ignore some of the most important things in life? How can I break away from the status quo?
 I hope that at the end of our years we dont discover that the time we were given was used selfishly and that we invested time in things that are meaningless. I hope we have told all our loved ones that they are our loved ones. I hope we give God the place he merits in our hearts. I hope we love our neighbors.
In memory of one of my first friends at COFO
Trevor Waugh
Live In Peace

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